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I think the decluttering thing

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and how soon you get rid of something has to be personalized to each family. Six months seems too short a time to me but 5 years seems too long. For example I have some office supplies that I have not used in a year or more but am beginning to use them now. I am glad I didn’t get rid of them. They all stored easily in a tote that went in the hall closet.

One thing FlyLady, and others talk about, is putting away off season clothes. We do not put away our summer clothes, ever. Our winters are mild and there are times we have worn short sleeves and shorts on Christmas day. I do put away winter clothes though. Once we get through March I feel I can safely put away summer clothes.

We haven’t any dental insurance either

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and when we compared the cost of the coverage versus the cost of the service, it didn’t make sense to buy the independent dental insurance. If you find something that does, please pass the info along. We pay in the ball park of what you’re paying for our children as well.