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Let start by saying no offense to

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anyone who has posted here but I have decided that my biggest issue with decluttering is getting up and doing something vs. sitting and reading a bunch of how to’s. LOL I could read all day long and enjoy every minute of “learning” but that does not get my house decluttered. Anyone here relate?

If your house is THAT leaky

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then you’re probably paying WAY more for your heating/cooling than you should be. Make that a priority next spring – it should save TONS of money. As a stopgap, try finding some of the 3M film that you put over your windows. If that’s where the big leaks are, you’ll see an improvement in both the dust level AND the heating bill.

Last year after I kicked out the ex

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I went to JCP and found some flattering dresses and blouses, pants that each cost under $10 each and bought them. Actually, I was forced to since I lost about 60lbs and nothing fit.

I have realized that I seldom spend money on me and I do actually deserve to have a pedicure from time to time and a manicure since I don’t do that for myself and I do deserve to look good in nice clothing, I don’t have to wear farm/dog clothes all the time. Working for a financial company, it’s OK for me to spend some money on makeup and accessories. *I* feel terrific when I put in the effort and it is noticed. I always look presentable, but there is a difference between nice and presentable. And we absolutely HAVE to spend money on foundation garments, there is no point in buying the wallyworld cheap stuff since its uncomfortable and secondly, doesn’t last very long.

My issue is still the blasted dust in the house (going to work on that problem this year to figure out where the dickens it is coming from) and if the fix is re-carpeting the house using tax refund money so its manageable for me, then so be it. I’m done with driving myself crazy because I just never seem to get ahead and it’s damn near soul destroying. I’d rather have to vacuum a couple of times a week because I just cannot keep the house dust free and its driving me nuts having to wash plates and pots and pans BEFORE cooking because of the amount of dust. Not to mention its just plain unhealthy.

As for de-cluttering, I have things I use seasonally so there is no point in ditching those items (mostly for the livestock, lambing supplies, de-icers etc etc etc) but I need a better organization system. At this point, my hands are tied when trying to organize because of the dust. So, dust-fix first, then I’ll work on the organization aspect. I went through a lot of boxes etc when looking for what the ex left me, so I’m keeping it all boxed up until I get the dust issue resolved. Pain in the butt when I’m digging for reference books.