I had a friend in the ‘organizing’ business show me how to declutter

Get four boxes, or bags. Label them Donate, Trash, Keep and label one with today’s date and 6 months from now.

Empty shelves and closets on the floor in front of the boxes, so that it’s in the way and you are ‘forced’ to complete the job.

We started in the messiest room of the house, my craft room.
She gave me 10 seconds to decide what to do with the item I had in my hand.
Ask yourself, how long had it been since you really used it, if ever?
If it’s still in the box, has the tags on it, or otherwise still usable, then it goes into the Donate box.

If it’s broke, (NO, You are NOT going to fix it or get it fixed if you haven’t by now.) Trash it. Do it quickly, your first instinct is probably right.

The box with the dates are the things that you truly can’t make up your mind about. This box needs to be the smallest one of the four, once it’s full, no more goes in it. So you have to be careful what you put in it. Once full, close it up and if you haven’t opened it to get something out of in in 6 months, trash it or take it to charity, without opening it.

The Keep box is for things that you actually currently use, or wear.

Once I got the ‘hang’ of it, it went pretty fast. I was surprised how fast the ‘Trash’ box filled up.

We then labeled every shelf in the closet and every container that we put stuff back in.

It took us (me) a couple days (okay, a week!) to go through the whole room, but the feeling of accomplishment you have when you finish undeniably puts you on a natural high every time you walk into that room.