That’s a terrific deal on your cut and color

It runs my $80 (plus tip) everytime I go in for a trim (I have long hair), bang trim (to cover the wrinkles!), and a color. I should go every 5 weeks to look my best, but I’ve been stretching it to the max. I’m not going to do that this year, but I do think I’ll stretch it to 8 weeks. I’ll look like garbage for 3 weeks but that’s better than looking shabby for a good two months as I’ve done this past year. As for Wacoal bras? They are the best. Macys is having a sale on them right now, but the best deal is to get them either for Nordstroms Rack or from someone selling them NWT on Ebay. They usual are ones that say SAMPLE on the tag, but who cares? I have to wear an underwire bra, and these ones last forever. My mother in law just told me that she buys new bras every few months.Really? I’m positive she’s buying them from Kmart (I’m not slamming Kmart. We just live in a small community and that’s about all we have to choose from). I’d rather pay more and get better quality. She just bought her first Wacoal bras and is in heaven. Anyway, it’s a big deal to fork out $150 for 3 bras, but in my world, I’ve decided, I’m going to be good with this necessary upgrade, considering I won’t have to do it again for sometime. Definitely, check them out. Lastly, I love Talbots. Their clothes are all classic. I have dresses that are 20 years old and you’d never know it. They are having a huge sale right now. Lovely dresses for under $60. Can’t beat it. I bought 5. 5! Holy Cow! I’ve lost my mind! lol I know I’ll be wearing these for years, and the price is right. I purchased one summer, one winter, and three all season fabric dresses. I don’t buy trendy. I always buy classic. Look at their website. I think you’ll find something you like, and they have a wide range of sizes. Lastly, I’m fortunate in that I have a fairly stable weight. I’m on thyroid meds (as I’ve just learned a lot of us are) and the dosage was recently tweaked (again). I’ve lost a few pounds without doing anything since my dr. has changed my thryoid prescription. We also ski a lot at this time of the year (although, here in northern Michigan the wind temps are minus zero so I haven’t ventured out as of late). I always loose weight this time of year. I just want to be more mindful of what I’m eating and to eat better. I figure the better I eat, the better my health will be, so that’s what I want to concentrate on. I just want to feel like I’m looking and feeling my best.

All in all I look at what we’ve accomplished in the past year. My marriage is better, my relationship with God is growing, and my family life is solid (I have children that range in age from 6 – nearly 25). . I’m very fortunate that I’ve made strides in those areas. . I’m going to roll with what I’ve done with those things, and now spend some time on myself as well. You work hard, Cindy. I want you to do something just for yourself as well. Heaven knows, you are very committed to growing your business and to your marriage. Do something for yourself as well. Finances are important, but I think we (or at least I have) just become so focused on doing what’s right/responsible, that we (I) neglect ourselves during the process.