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My hair grows fast

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its thick and coarse, and would be gray all over if I didn’t color. It just bushes out if I don’t keep it cut in layers. So I go every 5 weeks if I go to the beauty salon due to the cost …. $35 for a cut. I go to the beauty school for color, around $15—every 4 weeks. However I’ve had trouble settling on a hair stylist to cut my hair so I am going back to the beauty school. It is all supervised by instructors. I can get a cut and color for $30 or less. By getting my color and cut at the school I can get the cut every 4 weeks instead of every 5.

I get pedi’s every 4 weeks due to problem toenails … ingrown or some who try to be ingrown. It’s a medical thing for me, not a luxury. It often involves some significant discomfort or pain, even at every 4 weeks.