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So, who’s yours with, Shay?

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When I looked, things like crowns wouldn’t be covered unless you’d had the plan in place for a year, and there was a bunch of other odd things that just didn’t make financial sense to me (although, for the life of me, I can’t recall what the issues were). I do know that my son takes medication that messes with his mouth. We had $5000 worth of dental surgery for him last May, the dental insurance would not have covered a lot of what he needed in dental care. Fortunately, we convinced our health care providered to cover some of the expenses since the problem has been pinpointed to the meds he has to take. I’ve simply decided to self insure and have a weekly amount auto drafted into a Capital One account specifically for dental needs, but I’m open to learn of something that may be beneficial, and cost effective for our family.