Chiming in late here

and I should start off by saying that we could be the poster child example of folks who really need to knuckle down and declutter. So the following advice is from someone who needs to do better anyway. Having said that, one of the easiest ways I’ve found to declutter, is to work with the local women’s shelter. It’s one thing to give stuff away when there are concerns about the goodies not being valued or appreciated. It’s entirely another issue, knowing that my cast-offs are going to ladies who had to clear out of an abusive situation, often with nothing except the clothes they were wearing, and often with kids in tow. We have an outstanding women’s shelter in a nearby town, and they need EVERYTHING – clothing, home appliances, dishes, sheets, videos, anything and everything you can imagine. I donate stuff to them every time I go through a de-cluttering phase, and at this very moment I have some audio-visual equipment that a friend was going to take to the landfill because it was obsolete in his latest-and-greatest lifestyle. I talked him out of it, and those appliances are going to go to the shelter instead. That by itself can be a powerful motivator, if there’s some additional motivation needed. Most metro areas, and county-seat towns, have women’s shelters. If you don’t already know about them in your own town, look for them. They’re out there.